3 Of The Worst Tight Aggressive No Limit Holdem Mistakes To Avoid

By | January 9, 2022

When you make critical tight aggressive No Limit Holdem mistakes you severely inhibit your ability to profit from the game. Always avoid the 3 worst mistakes when you are playing tight aggressive No Limit Holdem. Read this article now to learn them.

Playing tight aggressive No Limit Holdem is the most lucrative strategy for making money. You can play it so profitably that you never need to work a day in the day. However, there are definitely some areas where you can fall and hurt yourself. Never avoid these 3 mistakes when you are playing tight aggressive No Limit Holdem.

The first mistake to avoid is calling too much. Playing to many hands is the number one mistake to make playing tight aggressive No Limit Holdem. If you have hands like pocket sevens and pocket queens you need to fold them.

Further to that, the percent sites like river aces, kings, queens, and jacks. Fold all of those hands! They are not really that strong it is just really really hard to play them.

Calling is the second mistake. Generally you should call down to the river a hand like queen-three suited as long as the price isn’t extreme. Any other hand and you fold.

The third mistake is playing beyond the flop without a good hand. This is the most expensive of the mistakes you can make. Don’t be shy about folding a hand if you see one coming.

These are the most common mistakes to make playing tight aggressive No Limit Holdem and you will make them every now and then. So how do you avoid making the biggest mistakes?

Well you need to go out and learn a bit more about poker so you are a better Mega88 player. You need to read as much as possible and spend a lot of time studying. The biggest mistake limpers make is they limp when they have nothing.

You need to learn what hands you should be playing and which ones you should fold. You need to study your opponents to know their varying skill levels and you need to know which ones are really good and which ones are really bad.

Further to that you need to learn how to identify the different skill levels of your opponents. Once you know how many times a player calls in position you can identify if he is a calling station or if he actually has a good hand. The same thing goes for blinds and flops.

Once you know how, you can actually make a decision to call or fold based on the cards you have. Finally, you need to study your opponents to know their weaknesses and watch them as they make mistakes. This is the hard part of the game and the part that makes you a better poker player.

However, if you could do this then you would be a champ and you would be Doing It Already. So, there are some very basic things you need to do to become a better poker player. Stick to these and you will start doing great!