The Lotto Black Book – The Best Buy You’ll Ever Make

By | September 12, 2022

Everybody knows the Lotto is “RIGHT” (roses, Expert Power Ratings, “feathering the dustbin”) but if you Import a little knowledge base from the Odds & Ends world, you can dramatically boost your Winning Prediction populated by all those who shy away from Permutations, Combinations, Pooling & the like.

The Lotto Black Book (the title is a play on “The Winning Lottery Book”) is thecientific method by which you can quantify your observations and exponentially increase your ability to Win. How you improve you Winning prediction is with “The Goldilocks” formula……

The Lotto Black Book is the result of a recent 15 years old Mathematics PhD (score one for Science) who studied and discovered a method of very accurately predicting the next number to be drawn, not just for the Powerball but for ALL of the Lotto Method Pros in the US and around the world have been making big profits from playing the lottery for years, but have kept it a top secret.

The Lotto Black Book is divided into 2 main sections – Using the methods inside to improve your prediction, and testing them out in the field. If you could write a book on how to win the lottery, what would you put in it? Well The Lotto Black Book reveals all. In fact, it is only the beginning.

You must be thinking by now that if this can be done, why not do it yourself, you will pick up a lot more quick pick tickets and get more chances of winning. Well that is the plan anyway, so just go through the instructional techniques one by one and Soon you will be a pro on your own. I do remember when I first got interested in this, I started my Senior year of high school hopeful. I met a fellow student who had played the lotto 5 times in one week. By the end of the graduation year we were bringing in a little extra money on each paycheck.

I though about giving it a shot, why not. The only problem was, I did not have $100 to shell out, so I thought I would risk it all by playing the power ball. Well, I wish I could have back those extra $500 in those early years, because I am sure it would have helped pay for your college, or a nice house & car. The point is, if you put a little money towards your college costs, or a house or other big expenses, you should be happy with the results.

Although I did not win the power ball and go on to win another drawing, I increased my winnings by at least 15%. Those 15% bonuses paid for my plane ticket to Las Vegas to win at Powerball, a new iPhone, a new car, clothes, short movies, and the like. Did I win every time I played the power ball? No, certainly not, but it is possible to increase your winnings considerably if you use a system to play.

I discovered a very good system when I was researching the best way to win the Live Sgp. I am not going to reveal the name of the system here, because I am not a bigamous name in the poker world. I will just call the system the Poker Method, and let you decide if it is the best. Just take a quick look at the page below this article, I know that you will like it!