Horse Racing Systems – How to Set Up a Racing Portfolio

By | May 9, 2022

Use the information you already have yourself. An easy way to do this is to write as much of it down into sections and work out how you can incorporate your methods with other horse racing systems.  Using this method will also help you identify your weaknesses.

Once you have done this look around for horse racing systems that match your knowledge base and proceed with the ones that sound the easiest and most logical.  Always choose systems that you will connect with, even if you don’t completely understand them you need to know that with a little bit of research you will be able to use them.

Set up  your systems for analyzing your data.  These can be either computer or paper based.  Pick whatever is easiest for you.  Take your time doing this as the information you will get from these will be invaluable.  You will find over time that any flaws in your monitoring will become apparent and you will be able to tweak it.

You need to incorporate the following sections in your system.  Profit and Loss.  Strongest and Weakest Systems. Accuracy of horse racing tips received.  In house systems vs strictly random tips.

Enter all information and results as you go along.  Do not go anywhere near empty information and results.  You must insert these correctly, with the correct amount and at the correct time.

Enter all information and results at the correct time and do not rush.  You do not want to enter the information already touched upon or written about in this article.

If you want to Success, you must plan and prepare.  Develop a good strategy, do your research, test it, keep practicing and once successful prepare for success.

Before you begin you must decide which system you are going to use, you must also decide what is the best horse racing tip for your system.  You can either use a basic system that can be used by anyone and just make money by betting on the selections you chose, or you can do the same by using a system that is specific to your own betting and needs to be followed in order to make money.

And now the next step.  Set up your fund management plan.

This is the most important part of any investment or financial plan.  You have to accept that you are going to lose sometimes, no matter how strong your strategy is.  On the same token, you need to be able to afford to lose the investment.

You need to set up a way to deal with any losing investments or bankings you have so that you will not be entirely burned even if you endure several losing weeks or months.

Whatever you do, you have to be able to deal with the fact that you will need to increase your bets or increases your bank again in order to make a net profit.

Does this mean you should never bet on a favourite?

Certainly not, you can still get good value in certain favourites that are demand, but you should realise that you are betting at a greater risk as there is less reward as far as an Italy v Germany match is concerned, so stick to home or away races.

Split your bank into a number of modules and stick to using a certain percentage of your bank on each area, either all in one module, or part within each module.  Do not try to make up your losses by adding to a different module as there is always a risk of a larger fall.

I have found that the longer a race goes without a significant accumulator or fall, the more significant the fall can get and the more chance of it socks going down in a big way.

Doubling your bank is not the answer either as you tend to find that you are betting higher risk money and the potential for it going down has reduced ( Lessons learned, never bet in a rush Never bet if you have a problem with a race etc ).

Powell ways also works well in situations like where you have a number of indicators running in parallel, such as a strong indicator going into a Dewacasino, that you are confident will lead to a win.

However, most works best when you bet on a evening when you believe there will be less competitors and a lesser pack of horses.

The risk of being backed out on a limb or kicker is real and you need to protect this.  Do not be backed into a corner and hope that the odds will turn against you.

And finally, If you are backing horses, you need to get on the ball early with regard to form, going into the arena, and the race going through.  Do not be caught napping.

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